Practising Ethical Consumerism With Tikauo

Unknowingly every penny you spend on the consumption of products has a ripple effect. Now, the extent of this ripple depends on where you choose to spend your money. Whenever you decide against big retail chains and support local stores closer to you - that's one step towards becoming an ethical consumer. Ethical consumerism is not just about purchasing only those products which are ethically sourced, made and distributed. The idea behind this concept is that if enough people exercise it, it will force large companies to revisit their manufacturing and sourcing strategies. Ethical consumerism is succinct, a practice that enables the average person to contribute to the resolution of the world's environmental concerns.

Textiles are major contributors to waste and to a small extent cotton home textiles products also contribute to this as they are not often reused and thrown away as and when trends change. Buying these textiles from Fast Fashion brands further brings the eco-conscience quotient down. This goes directly against the principles of ethical consumption or ethical consumerism. The core principles of Tikauo stand firmly for encouraging sustainable living and eco-friendly lifestyles. Choosing sustainable home decor products and products sourced from recycled materials can make a difference in the long run.

As the world’s media eggs you on to buy more and more, the focus is being diverted from durable products that can be used and reused. A key factor in the practice of ethical consumerism is to find and use only those products that are highly durable. This reduces wastage and the carbon footprint in the production of that particular item. At Tikauo, every product is made to last from decor pieces to carry bags. Sustainability and reusability is very close to our core values and this is the foundation Tikauo is built on.

Another key component in purchasing ethically is to check for labels and certifications. Every aspect of manufacture and production has a certain standard to adhere to and this ensures that the claims made by the brands are legitimate and they are not just green washing the concept. The certification can be animal cruelty free, fair trade, organic, vegan, or any other detail of the production process that has an impact on the environment in general. All the products at Tikauo are certified with Global Recycling Standard and we follow sustainable and ethical practices every step of the way to ensure that we remain an ethical brand through and through. Recycled products are automatically Eco-friendly products and keep your environmental conscience clear.

Tikauo has a line of ethical products that range from home decor to daily use accessories such as cushion covers for sofa, seat cushions for chairs, our array of eco-friendly tote bags and wash bags for women are made of recycled cotton and other recycled materials such as recycled PET. Even the dyes that go into the prints on the fabric on products such as the floral apron are certified AZO-free. Further, every patterned product is hand printed, so as to leave the least amount of carbon footprint as possible. As an added bonus we don't follow fast fashion trends rather produce only timeless pieces for your homes that could be mixed and styled for years to come.

Switching to ethical consumption and supporting ethical and sustainable brands like Tikauo, who take every measure to co-exist with the planet would be the easiest step forward towards a greener tomorrow.

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