Eco-friendly and Sustainable Tote Bags from Recycled Cotton

Commute to work in busy London Underground is not an unknown thing for most of the Londoners. The jam packed tubes, people with kids , people still struggling to read in packed trains etc.

We have noticed a good percentage of people carry tote bags in London Underground. Most of them are the generic designs you would get everywhere, but what we wanted was something different - a design that should be edgy, functional and of-course sustainable.

So we thought it would ideal to have a tote bag with a long handle that lets you comfortably switch between your shoulder to crossbody. But then the challenge was our tote bag will be just like any other tote bag, so we thought how about if you want to go for grocery shopping? So we added a short handle to it so that you can easily hold the bag too. And to make it more functional we also added a pouch inside to hold all your valuables.

COVID-19 has posed so many challenges to brands across the world. When we launched, the biggest question we had in mind was how our Totes would perform. With people working from home this was a big question we didn’t know the answer to. Just few months into trading our totes are moving faster than expected.

Since we made the bags functional with a long and short handle our totes are not just good for commute to the office, but it can be a perfect companion for your quick plastic free grocery shopping too.

Also a quick access pouch inside means you can safely store your masks, sanitiser, wallet and your phone.

Our Tote bags are ideal for gifting - they are also the best way to help you or your loved ones get into an eco-friendly or sustainable lifestyle.

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