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Benefits of recycled cotton products

Benefits of recycled cotton products

When it comes to practicing a sustainable way of life one must turn towards the use of products that are sustainable in their manufacturing, use and post consumption. Looking to buy recycled materials is not only a great way to introduce sustainability into our everyday living but also great way to help preserve the environment for the generations to come. One of the biggest ways to do this would be using recycled cotton products as they are highly sustainable – helping reduce the carbon footprint.

What is recycled cotton?

The most basic definition is the conversion of the cotton fabrics in their entirety or scraps into cotton fiber that can be reused in the manufacturing of other textile products such as rugs, cushion covers etc. This process ensures that the cotton scraps such as those cut from the cloth during finishing and stitching are reused by converting them back to fiber which can be used for further manufacturing.

Recycled cotton can exists in two forms - pre-consumer recycled cotton in which the cotton ginning wastes are processed to create a new fiber and the second being post-consumer recycled cotton in which the existing fabric is broken down and repurposed to make new fibers.

Benefits of using these recycled cotton products

The benefits of using recycled cotton are multi fold . Recycling these fibers are not just beneficial for the preservation of environment but also for the reduction of the carbon footprint . Some of the other key benefits are as outlined below.

Giving new life to fabrics

Cotton recycling breathes new life into the fabrics that would eventually end up in the landfills post the manufacturing/consumer use. But with effective processing, these can be turned into highly sustainable textiles such as rugs, cushions, curtains etc. Did you know approximately 25 billion pounds of fabric ends up in the landfills every year?

Reduced Water Consumption

Recycling fibers require far less water consumption as compared to traditional cotton. As these fibers are born from recycling cotton waste , there is no water required in the process whereby helping save millions of liters of water every year.

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